Announcement for the Winner of Valentine Giveaway Contest

Hi everyone :)

Wish you a very happy white day..

Today I'd like to make announcement for the winner of the Valentine Giveaway Contest.. Before that, thank you for all who had participated on my giveaway contest.. This is the first giveaway contest that I held and although the contestant are not too much but still I thank you all for your participation and support.. I hope next time will be more people who participate in my contest.. :D

So, here I announce the winner of this contest..

First Prize : A Pair of Stiletto Shoe

Jesslyn Wijaya

Second Prize : 18 Martial Arts Original Album

Anastasia Lo

Third Prize : A Bunch of My DVD Collection

Gie Lun

I choose the winner by picking random answer from all the answers that you had submitted based on the prize you'd like to get.. Here is the outcome..

By the way, I have sent an email to all winners.. Please respond my message and I'll send the prize as soon as I get your respond.. Remember, nevergetenough never ask for any payment on the name of this contest..

nevergetenough will keep your personal data safely.. Thank you for your participating and I'll talk to you soon :)


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