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Hi everyone :)

I bet you still remember with Devil Beside You (E Mo Zai Shen Bian).. Yes, that's a 2005 Taiwan drama series which leading role are Mike He as Jiang Meng and Rainie Yang as Qi Yue.. And I believe this drama is (most) everyone favorite drama because this is the first drama that made Rainie Yang met Mike He.. *lol*

Okay so, today's post is for you that haven't had this drama's theme song yet (or maybe it was lost or something).. These are the songs that were used for this drama's theme and the link where you can download the songs..

 Devil Beside You

1. Chou Nan Ren (Jerk) - Huang Yi Da (opening theme)
2. Set Me Free - Huang Yi Da
3. Yi Miao De An Wei - Huang Yi Da
4. Ai Mei - Rainie Yang (ending theme)
5. Li Xiang Qing Ren - Rainie Yang
6. Yue Liang Dai Biao Shui De Xin - David Tao
7. An Ran Xiao - XL
8. Mei Li De Hua Yi - XL

Hope you enjoy your nostalgia & see you next time :D

PS : Be careful, devil beside you
(xiao xin, e mo zai ni shen bian) :p


Anonymous said...

My favorite movie ever. I love it! This is the first movie I've ever watch several times. The story is really touching and also very funny. I just love it!!!!!!

Jess said...

yaa, me too love this drama very much :) glad that you like this post ^^

Anonymous said...

i really sad miss mike he n rainie yang T_T

Anonymous said...

I love too.. this movie is very touching.. love it

Anonymous said...

this movie is very touching.. I love too

John White said...
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