Lost N Found - JJ Lin [DOWNLOAD ALBUM]

Hi there :)

Today I wanna share with you the latest album of JJ Lin, Lost N Found which have been released on December 31, 2011 exactly during new year eve..

I've been looking for this album but I never found it.. Couple of days ago, I went to a music store and finally saw this album on the front of the new release rack.. So I just bought it and I really enjoy this album so much.. If you are in Indonesia, you can buy this album on Duta Suara and Beatz!.. but I believe in other country, this album is very easy to get..

 (Indonesian version album cover)

Track list :

1. Du Zou
2. Xue Bu Hui
3. Gu Shi Xi Ni
4. Na Xie Ni Hen Mao Xian De Meng
5. Bai Yang Meng
6. Ling Hun De Gong Ming
7. We Together
8. Cinderella
9. Bai Lan Hua
10. Mo Sheng Lao Peng You
11. Bu Cun Zai De Qing Ren
12. Love U U

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Just a short review from me.. From this album, I really love Xue Bu Hui and Bu Cun Zai De Qing Ren.. Overall, this album is great and all the songs are enjoyable.. Hope you like it.. :)

Until next time..!!


diniaaristanti said...

can u reupload the link...???
mediafire deleted you're link...
please... ^^

Yesica said...

geez, recently almost every sharing website deleted almost every files uploaded.. >.<
but sure, i'll upload it again soon..
thanks for noticing me :)

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