Solo (Game for Two) - Jason Chen

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Today I just want to give you an information about Jason Chen's new single, Solo (Game for Two).. I think this song is very great and sad.. I really like the meaning of this song.. And if you haven't know who is Jason Chen, you can read my old post about him >> click here

This is an official lyric video for this song..

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Here is the detail of this album :


Artist : Jason Chen
Released Date : December 20, 2011
Label : Music Never Sleeps

Track List :

1. Reintroduction
2. Gravity
3. Just for a Moment
4. No Distance
5. Best Friend
6. Curious
7. Violin
8. Solo (Game for Two)
9. Here Am I
10. Music Never Sleeps
11. Best Friend (Chinese)

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PO Box 2113
Arcadia, CA 91077

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