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I wish you a very happy valentine's day and I wish valentine is not only for a day but last forever in our heart.. In this very special moment, I will make a giveaway contest and it's open for Indonesian residence only..

I will choose 3 winners for the following gift :

1 >> a pair of shoe that you can see on this link

2 >> Wang Lee Hom's 18 Martial Arts Original Album

3 >> a bunch of my dvd collection (not original), contains Autumn's Concerto (Taiwan series), ToGetHer (Taiwan series), What's Your Number (Hollywood movie), Sucker Punch (Hollywood movie), I Am Number Four (Hollywood movie), Love Summer (Thailand movie), Love Sick (Taiwan movie), Dear Galileo (Thailand movie), The Fatality (Thailand movie), Insidious (Hollywood movie), Love and Other Drugs (Hollywood movie), and Morning Glory (Hollywood movie).

To join the contest, simply follow these steps :

1. Answer this question :
What is your favorite song & the singer of that song?

2. Post comment below this page by following this format :
(GC) (gift number that you want) (your answer) (contact person)

Example : GC 1 Yi Ran Ai Ni by Wang Lee Hom ms.green99@gmail.com

1. A contestant may post multiple comments
2. This contest open for Indonesian residence only
3. This contest will be closed on March 12, 2012
4. The winners will be announced on March 14, 2012
5. If you don't write gift number, then the gift will be randomized
6. Make sure you write your contact person so that I can contact you if you win
7. Type of contact person that is accepted : e-mail, facebook account, and blogger account.. Please do not write your phone number or address to prevent any fraud
8. I will not ask you to pay a sum of money for any reason
(Indonesia is very dangerous, so please be careful)
9. Gift will be delivered to your residence on March 20, 2012 via TIKI or JNE

This contest open NOW..!!

Thank you for your participation :)

************* UPDATE *************
This contest is closed
Thank you for your participation :)


Chika said...

GC 3 mo mo by farenheit lovely_chimaru@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

GC 2 xia yi ye de wo by cyndi wang dark.chocolate098@gmail.com

Anastasia Lo said...

GC 2 Xia Yi Chi Wei Xiao by Rainie Yang Cheng Lin anast92@ymail.com

Anastasia Lo said...

GC 2 Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge by Wang Leehom anast92@ymail.com

Anonymous said...

GC 1 fool again westlife cheese_cake123@hotmail.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 1 Falling In Love by Six Part Invention jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 1 Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui xiang qi Shui by Nicholas Teo jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 2 Dai Wo Zou by Rainie Yang jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 1 Ai De Shuang Zhong Mo Li by BY2 jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GC 2 wei ni chun zai by fei lun hai anast92@ymail.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 1 budokan by ost yes or no jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

JesslynWijaya said...

GC 1 Lonesome Spirit by fahrenheit jesslyn_8888@yahoo.com

Gie Lun said...

GC 3 Yi Lu Xiang Bei By Jay Chou ganero@gmail.com

Yesica said...


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