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Today, I'm so enthusiasm with what I'm going to write.. It's about a long time drama series which theme songs I really like and I kinda miss them right now.. So, I just write it down to share a little bit memories with you and I believe that you'll also miss these songs..

1. Huan Zhu Ge Ge

This is a very long time drama series, starring by Vicky Zhao, Ruby Lin, Tommy Su, and Zhou Jie.. I really love this series, although it's a little bit oldies but the story is very good.. I also have read the novel and I really love them.. If you're on Indonesia, you can watch this drama on O Channel every Monday to Friday at 00.30 (12.30 am)..

The theme songs that I miss so much are :

Bu Neng He Ni Fen Shou - Vicky Zhao
Mung Li - Ruby Lin feat. Zhou Jie
Tang - Ruby Lin feat. Vicky Zhao
Yi Tie - Ruby Lin
Ni Shi Fung Er Wo Shi Sha - Ruby Lin feat. Zhou Jie

2. Meteor Garden

Although I bet you've already known but I still want to introduce this drama is starred by Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu, and Barbie Hsu..

This is a drama that I miss so much recently.. I miss F4, I miss Ying Te University, I miss Xiao You (Rainie Yang with a short hair and innocent face), but especially, I miss Hua Ze Lei.. :D

Not only them, I also miss these songs :

Qing Fei De Yi - Harlem Yu
Ni Yao De Ai - Penny Tai
Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni - F4
Yan Huo De Ji Jie - F4

3. Snow Angel

 I don't know if you still remember this drama but recently I miss this so much.. This drama is starred by Toro, Margareth Wang, and Johnny Yan..

Actually, I miss the theme songs better than the drama.. I think this drama has a very beautiful theme songs and I really like Toro's voice.. Here they are :

Bao Feng Yu - Toro
Wang Le Ai - Toro
Dui Shou - Toro feat. Johnny Yan

4. Love Storm

 Starring by Vic Zhou, Vivian Hsu, Ken Zhu, and Beatrice Xu.. Actually, I've just re-watched this drama a couple month ago and I'm still falling in love with Lu Yin Feng.. And I kinda miss Beatrice Xu very much.. Her last drama that I watched is Express Boy and I'm glad to see her again in Love Storm.. May she rests in peace in heaven.. :)

Here is the theme songs for this drama :

Jue Ding Ai Ni - Vivian Hsu
Wo Hu Xi Ni - Vic Zhou

5. Farewell Firefly

Well, actually I don't really remember who starred on this drama.. I just remember Jacko Yuan.. And I just remember the story.. It's about two brothers who love a girl, but the older brother gives up his love to his little brother because his little brother has unhealthy body (heart disease, if I don't get it wrong), but actually the girl is in love with him and not with his little brother..

But anyway, although I don't really remember the stars of this drama, I still remember very clearly with the theme song, Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li by Jacko Yuan.. Actually I'm still searching for the opening theme, Zai Jian Ying Huo Cuo, but I can't get it.. :(

6. The Outsiders

A very beautiful drama starred by Dylan Guo, Ady An, Blue Lan (on season 1), Michael Zhang, Joelle Lu, and Alan Luo (on season 2).. I remember I was madly in love with Dylan Guo in this drama and I really adore Ady An very much.. She is so pretty with huge eye and sweet smile.. I really recommend this drama for you..

As for the theme songs :

Bu Gong Ping - Jenny Yang
Lydia - F.I.R
Till The End - Chen Da Wei
Breathe Again - Juwita Suwito
Hui Se Gong Jian - Alan Luo
Ni Shuo - Chen Ke Hao

7. Mars

Starring by Vic Zhou, Barbie Hsu, Xiu Jie Kai, and Megan Lai.. It's a good drama and I really love Zai Zai here.. He is so cute but still so man although I don't like his long hair here but it suits him so much..

I also miss the theme songs here :

Ling - Alan Ke
Rang Wo Ai Ni - Vic Zhou feat. Barbie Hsu
The Hardest Note - Megan Lai
Wo Ke Yi - Xiu Hung Min
Shuo Ai Wo - Liang Yi Chen

8. It's Started With A Kiss & They Kiss Again

Starring by Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Jiro Wang, Tiffany Xu, and Danson Tang (season 2).. Actually I like the first season better but the second season is not bad either.. I like how they express love to each other and sometimes, it's really funny..

As for the theme songs :

Qian She Cie De Ren Dou Zhi Dao - Wang Lan Yin
E Zuo Ju - Wang Lan Yin
Kao Cing Zhi Tian - Yuan Ruo Lan (not sure)
Ni - Ariel Lin

9. Sonria Pasta (Smiling Pasta / Wei Xiao Pasta)

It's a very romantic and funny drama, starring by Nicholas Zhang and Cyndi Wang.. I like Nicholas here better than on Woody Sambo.. And I also like the manager.. I think he is so funny..

And the songs are :

Cai Hong De Wei Xiao - Cyndi Wang
Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei - Nicholas Zhang
Xiao Wu Gui - Nicholas Zhang
Jiu Wei Xiao Le - Nicholas Zhang

10. At The Dolphin Bay

It's a very memorable drama starring by Ambrosse Xu and Angela Zhang.. The story is great and I really love both of them.. Actually, I just bought this DVD last month and I have a plan to watch this drama again after I finished watching all my waiting list dramas..

My favorite theme songs of this drama are :

Yi Shi De Mei Hao - Angela Zhang
Journey - Angela Zhang
Shen Bian - Ambrosse Xu

To download full theme songs of this drama, click this link below

I'm sorry if there is any low quality music, but I really tried my best to get all the songs.. So, I hope you enjoy & until next time :)


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