Ring Ring Bell OST [Download]

Hi everyone :)

Recently, I still have so many dramas on my waiting list.. I've just finished watching Sweet Relationship and now I'm planning on watching In Time With You.. Actually, I also had a plan to watch Ring Ring Bell but I think I should watch In Time With You first..

But it's okay because I still want to share with you the theme songs of Ring Ring Bell (Real Love Please Ring The Bell Twice) which roles are Peter Ho and Janine Chang.. Actually, I've watched this drama until second episode and I think it's quite good although I don't like both of the main characters but the big sister that usually sells DVD to me said that this is a good drama so I should watch it..

Before I watch the drama, I usually searched for the theme songs first.. So here is the theme song of this drama.. Hope you like it & please tell me whether this drama is good or not.. :)

Tou Tou De Ai - Della Ding feat. Yan Jue
(opening theme song)

Ming Nian Qing Ren Jie - Della Ding feat. Peter Ho
(ending theme song)

Zhi Zu - Ji Jia Ying
(insert song)

Talk to you soon ;)


anna jamil said...

this is a amazing song. thanks.

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