The Best of Angela Zhang

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Many people ask me to make more "best of" article.. So today I decided to make the best of Angela Zhang.. Like other "best of" series, I will write down Angela's top 20 songs from all her albums based on my opinion.. Hope you enjoy..!!

In Over the Rainbow album :

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Dou Shi Yin Wei Ni
3. Yi Shi De Mei Hao
4. Journey

In Aurora album :

5. Ou Ruo La
6. Shou Xin De Tai Yang
7. Fu Yun
8. Kuai Le Chong Bai

In Pandora album :

9. Yin Xing De Chi Bang
10. Kou Dai De Tian Kong
11. Ai Qing Lu Cheng

In Flower in the Wonderland album :

12. Bu Tong
13. Qi Shi Hen Ai Ni
14. Ai Shang Ai De Wei Dao

In Ang 5.0 album :

15. Wo Lian Ai Le
16. Bu Xiang Dong De
17. Qin Ai De, Na Bu Shi Ai Qing
18. Neng Bu Neng Yong Gan Shuo Ai

In The 5th Season album :

19. Bai Bai De
20. I Started a Joke

That is my top 20 songs of Angela Zhang.. How about yours?

By the way, my favorite album of hers is Ang 5.0 but my favorite song is Qi Shi Hen Ai Ni.. Please leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with my top 20.. And I also need a suggestion of who I'm gonna write on my "best of" series.. Tell me your favorite singer or group and I will make the "best of" series of them..

Thank you so much & until next time ;)


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