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Hi everyone :)

I don't know if you still remember that I told you I don't like Korean.. Many people ask me why and they said I'm so fool that I don't like Korean since nowadays, Korean music has been take a huge part in world music industry.. Fyi, in my country, there are so many boy and girl bands that adapt Korean bands..

So, I want to make it clear.. Actually yes, I'm not really like Korean since I can't speak Korean so I don't understand what it is talking about.. For me, a good music is not only have a good composition but also have a good meaning so it's a pity that I don't know Korean.. But if I have time, I'm willing to learn it someday..

Even though I don't like Korean, I also like some Korean songs.. Here it is..

1. Because I'm A Girl - Kiss

 It's a very beautiful Korean song and I heard it first on YouTube with English subtitle.. When I watched the MV and know what the meaning of this song, I cried a lot.. It's so touchy and if you are a girl, you should watch this.. (You can try clicking here)

2. Lonely - 2NE1

If you ask me what this song means, actually I really don't have any idea.. But this song is pretty easy to listen and I think it's about a girl who feels lonely (is it right? please somebody tell me) Anyway, it's a good song and I love to sing this song although I can't sing it very well.. :p

3. Time, Please Stop - Da Vichi

This is another song which I don't know the meaning but overall it's a good song.. If you want to sing this song, you should sing with a very powerful voice..  But I really like this song.. :)

Although I don't like many Korean songs, I also don't hate it.. By the way, forgot to mention, I also like the theme songs of Full House.. :)

I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to leave comment below to tell me other Korean song that you like..

I'll talk to you soon :)


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