The Best of S.H.E

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In this time, I will review about top 20 songs of S.H.E from all their albums.. This is just based on my opinion, so feel free to leave comments if you agree or disagree and what you think the best song of them..

Okay, let's start it..!!

In Girl's Dormitory album :

1. Lian Ren Wei Man

In Youth Society album :

2. Re Dai Yu Lin
3. I've Never Been To Me

In Genesis album :

4. Mei Li Xin Shi Jie
5. Yes I Love You
6. Mo Li

In Together album :

7. Always On My Mind

In Super Star album :

8. Yuan Fang

In Magical Journey album :

9. Ta Hai Shi Bu Dong

In Encore album :

10. Bie Shuo Dui Bu Qi

In Once Upon A Time album :

11. Bu Xiang Zhang Da
12. Tian Hui
13. Xing Xing Zhi Huo

In Forever album :

14. Chu Dian

In Play album :

15. Shuo Ni Ai Wo
16. Wu Yue Tian
17. Hao Xin Qing, Just Be Yourself

In FM S.H.E album :

18. An Jing Le

In Map Of Love album :

19. Ai Lai Guo

In SHERO album :

20. Ni Bu Hui

Over all of their albums, my favorite one is Play.. It contains many beautiful songs and this album has a lot of memory for me.. But for my favorite song, I will choose Chu Dian from Forever..

I wish you can enjoy this post & I'll talk to you soon :)


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