I Love You (Sweet Relationship OST) [DOWNLOAD]

Hi there :)

Today I'd like to share a very beautiful song from Joanna Wang, I Love You.. If you watch Sweet Relationship (Mei Wei Guang Xi) then you'll know this song.. Fyi, this song also has been recomposed by David Tao and I believe you know the song, Ai Hen Jian Dan..

I really love this song because this song is always played while Zhi Tian and Bai Hui have romantic scenes.. This drama is really sweet and I love how they both express their love and sure, I'm satisfied with the ending.. And I don't know whether it's just my viewing but I think Zai Zai and Patty Hou have a quite similar face.. I really love them both here..

If you don't know what song I'm talking about, feel free to download it.. I bet you'll like this song very much..

And here I give you some pictures of Zai Zai and Patty Hou.. Hope you like it & until next time :)


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