Hi everyone :)

I got this tag game from my friend and I think it's quite fun so I decided to 'play this game'.. :p

***TAG GAME***

*so fun, please try it & you can tag your friends after you've played this game*

1. Who/what makes you start blogging or posting video on youtube?
Actually, the first time I start blogging is for my mark on Enterprise Business Strategy subject on my university.. My lecturer, Mr. Riswan asked all the students to make a blog that represent ourselves.. So, I just make this blog and enjoy writing each words in this blog so I continue to write until now.. So, I should thank to Mr. Riswan for giving me such an amazing opportunity.. :)

2. What song you currently listen right now?
 Well, I'm listening to Zui Te Bie De Chun Zai by Vic Zhou right now.. I kinda miss this song very much..

3. What is your favorite soft drink?
 Teh Botol Sosro Less Sugar.. Does it count as soft drink? hehehe~

4. If you should choose one, do you choose to be a teacher or a doctor? Why?
 Perhaps I will choose to be a teacher.. Not any special reason actually, I just hate biology very much so I can't bear to be a doctor :p

5. Mention 3 things you can't go out before you use them!
My contact lenses, peach blush, and mineral powder

6. What is your most stupid reaction when you angry?
 Emm, when I really angry, I usually cry.. Stupid isn't it? *sigh*

7. If you can repeat one time in your life, what moment will you repeat?
Maybe, I would like to repeat my 17th birthday.. I really miss that kind of feeling, surrounded by people that love me very much.. :)

8. What drama series you love the most?
 I really love Easy Fortune Happy Life.. I even have some parts of this drama on my cell-phone.. The parts that Han Dong Jie appears a lot :D

9. Mention 3 songs that have so many memories for you!
 At The Beginning by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis
Angels Brought Me Here by Guy Sebastian
Shan Hu Hai by Jay Chou & Lara

10. Mention 3 make up products you love the most!
K-Palette 24hours Super Black Eyeliner
I Dream Of St. John NYX 5 Colors Eye Shadow Palette
Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray

11. Mention 3 things about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend!

12. If you should choose an athlete to be your wife or husband, who will you choose?
 Well, actually I really like Dwight Howard but if I should choose one to be my husband, maybe I will choose David Beckham.. :p

13. If you are a girl, what will you give to your boyfriend during his birthday? *for man*
If you are a boy, what will you give to your girlfriend during his birthday? *for woman*
 If I were a boy, maybe I will give my girl friend an earring during her birthday.. I think it's romantic to give a small but sweet thing.. :)

14. Mention 3 actors/actresses that you follow their style!
 Actually, I don't have any role model but during high school, I used to cut my hair like Rainie Yang (on Ren Yi Men album) and Hebe Tian (on Play album).. As for fashion, I like Rainie Yang and Ivy Chen's style..

15. Who will you tag to play this tag game?
Well, than I tag you all to play this game.. It's worth to try.. I actually laugh a lot when answering these question.. Come on, try this game now..!! :D

Have fun & until next time :)


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