Zhi Zu - Ji Jia Ying [Pinyin Lyric]

Hi everyone :)

Recently I'm still watching a Taiwan drama series, Ring Ring Bell (Real Love Please Ring The Bell Twice / Zhen Xin Qing An Liang Ci Ling) which was starring by Peter Ho and Janine Chang..

Actually at the first time I don't want to watch this drama because both of them were not my favorite.. But this drama said to be the sequel of Fated to Love You and Drunken to Love You, that's why I was curious about this drama since I think that both of those dramas were very good, especially Fated to Love You..

After watching the first two episodes, I really enjoy this drama & feel touched by this one.. I really think Peter Ho and Janine Chang acted so cute in this drama.. And if you are a fan of Peter Ho, I believe you will love to watch this.. In this drama, there are a lot scenes that showed us Peter's muscle.. *lol*

To download the theme songs of this drama, please click the link below..


Besides, I also want to share the lyric of my favorite theme song in this drama, Zhi Zu by Ji Jia Ying.. Hope you enjoy..!!

Zhi Zu - Ji Jia Ying

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

Zen me qu yong you yi dao cai hong
Zen me qu yong bao yi xia tian de feng
Tian shang de xing xing xiao di shang de ren
Zhong shi bu neng dong bu neng zhi dao zu guo

Dang yi zhen feng chui lai feng zheng
Fei shang tian kong
Wei le ni er qi dao er zhu fu er gan dong

Zhong yu ni shen ying
Xiao shi zai ren hai jin tou
Cai fa xian xiao zhe ku zui tong

Ru guo wo ai shang ni de xiao rong
Yao zen me shou cang
Yao zen me yong you

Ru guo ni kuai le bu shi wei wo
Hui bu hui fang shou qi shi cai shi yong you

Hope you like it & until next time ;)


Hidden Secrets said...

wooohh.. thanks for the lyric.. :D
i really like it

Jess said...

you're welcome dear & btw i love this song too and i'm still listening to this one right now ;)

tiffany simon said...

and i'm fall in love with peter ho after watching this. btw,do you know what song in this drama that sing by a man? i've searched for a very long time and hasn't got it. i love that song the most.i here so many "let go" words in the lyrics.thankyou:D

tiffany simon said...

i fall in love with peter ho after watching this. btw, do you know a song in this drama that sang by a man? i heard a lot of "let go" words in the lyrics. i've searched for the song for a very long time and failed to get it till now. and i think you still miss a good soundtrack in this drama. it's a song called "let me take care of you-magic power". you guys can searched it on youtube.

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