Love Forward OST [Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna share the theme songs of Taiwan television drama that currently airing, Love Forward.. Starring by Amber Guo and Tammy Chen.. I haven't watched this drama but I think this drama will be interesting.. You can watch this drama in SETTV every Sunday at 10pm, Taiwan local time..

I haven't got all theme songs of this drama, but I'll upload all that I've got.. Hope you enjoy it & please stay tune to this site to get the lyric of these songs.. ;)

Love Forward OST

Track List :

1. Guan Gai Ai - Amber Guo (Opening Theme)
2. Gai Wang Le - Amber Guo
3. Hai Ai Zhe Ni - Amber Guo
4. Wo Bu Yao Zai Nan Guo - Diana

I really think that all those songs are very beautiful, but my favorite is Hai Ai Zhe Ni by Amber Guo.. That song is very cute and I don't know but I can feel the sadness there..

Hope you enjoy & I'll talk to you soon :D


Anonymous said...

poor du tian ze

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