Calling for Love OST [Download]

Hi everyone :)

Few days ago, I got a request from Lemonsquare, a song from Mike He, Fa Xian Wo Ai Ni.. It was used as the theme song of his idol drama, Calling for Love.. That 2010 drama is starred by Charlene Choi, Mike He, Chen Zhi Kai, and Tracy Zhou..

In this drama, Charlene acted as a taxi driver while Mike acted as a big stars.. They meet and fall in love with each other although there are so many obstacles between them.. A story of a big stars who fall in love with normal girl which turn out to be the daughter of a rich daddy.. You should watch this by yourself to enjoy every detail of this drama..

I almost forget that I have watched this drama until Lemonsquare asked me to post that song.. but I must say I'm sorry since I haven't found it yet.. So, today I'm just gonna post the theme songs of this drama, without that song from Mike He.. Hope you don't mind.. I will keep looking for that song and upload it as soon as I got it..

So, here is the theme songs of Calling for Love.. Hope you like it.. :)

Track list :

1. Ai Ying Cai Hui Pin - Charlene Choi
2. Always You - Sophie Zelmani
3. Stamp Your Feet - Donna Summer
4. Times of Your Life - Joanna Wang
5. Zou - Evan Yo

Once again, I'm really sorry I haven't got Fa Xian Wo Ai Ni yet.. I'll upload it as soon as I got the high quality one.. Please stay tuned to this site to get that beautiful song..

Hope you enjoy & until next time ;)

Pssstt, I give you some cute pictures of Mike and Charlene..
(I do not own any of these pictures)


Lemonsquare said...

thanks for the pics! i'll be waiting for mike he's song.:) hope you'll be able to find it soon. thanks again!

Yesica said...

sure, i'm still searching for it.. i'll post it asap.. thanks to you too :)

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