Happy Michelin Kitchen OST [Request Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna post a request from Smile, that is the theme song of Happy Michelin Kitchen, which was starring by Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang..

This drama was on aired in China and Taiwan from January 2012 (China) and March 2012 (Taiwan).. It's about the second generation restaurateur named An Shao Cheng (Blue Lan) who falls in love with a skillful chef named Xin Duo Duo (Cheryl Yang)..

In this drama, Ming Dao and Annie Chen from Happy and Love Forever and Mike He and Janine Chang from Sunny Happiness will also appear as special guests..

So, here is the theme songs.. I'm sorry if there is still any song missing.. This is all that I can get in these 4 days.. Hope you like it :)

Track List :

1. Meng Xiang Qian Xing - COLOR Band
2. Gong Fu Liao Li Wang - COLOR Band
3. Zhe Yi Ci Ai Ni - COLOR Band
4. Xing Fu Wei Xiao Qu - Chen Si Han
5. She Chi De Xing Fu - Chen Si Han
6. Shuo Ai Bu Ai - Chen Si Han
7. Wen Rou De Xing Xing - Jarwis Wu Jian Fei
8. Mei You Ren - Jie Wei Ling
9. Ru Guo Ni Shuo Ai Wo - Kimi Li

Hope you like it & I'm sorry if some songs are not complete.. I'll searching for the complete version and update it.. I'll talk to you soon ;)


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