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Hi everyone :)

I always love Thai movies since I was 15 (during my senior high school, about 6 years ago), but I watched only horror movies.. I think Thailand produce the best horror movies in the world.. But nowadays, Thailand movie industry have growth and become better and better.. They did not only produce the best horror movies, but also drama-comedy movies as well..

Here, I will mention my favorite Thai movies which I recommend you to watch.. And feel free to tell me your opinion, what Thai movie you love, or any Thai musics.. ;)

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This is the best Thai movie ever.. Starring by Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.. This movie is about an ugly girl who fall in love with the most popular boy in school.. She have the courage to love so she change herself little by little, until she becomes pretty..

Although the story is simple, but it really touched my heart.. I have watched it 3 times and this movie still made me cry a lot.. I also love the theme song of this movie, Someday by Marisa Sukosol Nunphakdi.. That is a very beautiful song.. You can download it by clicking the link below..


2. First Kiss

This movie was released on January 2012, starring by  Kaneungnich Jaksamithanon and Pichasini Tanwiboon.. It's about a working girl who accidentally kiss a high school boy in a bus.. Slow but sure, they fall in love with each other although their age difference is too much..

A very beautiful and touchy movie.. I really recommend you to watch this movie.. I bet you will love the boy & cry a lot ;)

3. The Billionaire

This inspirational movie was starring by Pachara Chirathivat.. The story is about a boy who try his best & hardest work to pay his family's debts.. Fyi, this movie is based on a true story of Top Ittipat, a Thailand young billionaire.. He produces Tao Kae Noi (seaweed snack which usually be sold in supermarkets or convenience stores) and be a billionaire in his young age..

I really love to eat Tao Kae Noi, especially the Tom Yum Goong flavor.. So, I was really interested to watching this movie.. This movie also becomes my motivator and inspiration to do my best in my every works (at that time, my hardest work was to finish my final thesis).. And I also want to tell you that I have a friend that looks exactly like Pachara.. Once, I teased him by showed him Pachara's picture & he was very surprised that their face look alike :P

I found a song that was used for the almost ending of this movie.. You can download it by clicking this link below..

>> click here to download <<

4. Suck Seed

This drama comedy musical movie was starring by Pachara Chirathivat, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Nattasha Nauljam, and Thawat Pomrattanaprasert.. This movie is about a band who perform badly but insist of trying to compete in a high school band competition..

I love many songs that used for the theme song of this drama, especially Phelng Thi Chan Mi Di Taeng by Arena.. You can download the full theme song of this movie by clicking the link below..

5. Shutter

This is the best horror movie ever.. Starring by Ananda Everingham and Natthaweeranuch Thongmee.. I won't tell you the synopsis of this movie but I recommend you to watch this movie.. You will surprise and feel afraid after watching this.. :P

6. ATM

This movie was released on January 2012, starring by Chalermpon Thikumporn-teerawong and Chantawich Tanasewi.. This drama comedy movie tells about two bank employees who secretly in a relationship due to company's regulation that forbid their employees to have an affair..

When relationship's problems meet company's problem which involving a large sum of money, what will this couple do? (like an advertisement, huh? lol :P) But seriously, I really recommend you to watch this super hilarious movie and you will enjoy this, I promise..

7. Bangkok Traffic Love Story

This movie was starring by Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha and Chris Horwang.. I can't tell you exactly what's on this movie but I really recommend this movie to you.. The story is simple but quite interesting.. And this is the first Thai drama movie that I watched, so I really like this one.. ;)

I hope this article can help you and please share me your favorite Thai movie.. Hope you like it & I'll talk to you soon :D



madam said...

i love the billionaire movie (>u< )d
its really inspiring me :D soooo muuuucchh

nice blog!

Yesica said...

yaa, that movie is so inspiring.. i love that movie too
thank you for visiting, madam :D

Anonymous said...

Where is "Hello, Stranger"? That is a freakin awesome rom-com!!!

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