The Girl in Blue OST [Download]

Hi everyone :)

A lot of people asked me to upload the theme song of Mainland television series, The Girl in Blue.. This drama is starred by Roy Qiu, Chen Qiao En, William Feng, and Lu Chen..

This is a 2010 drama which based on a novel with the same title (Jia Qi Ru Meng).. I really recommend this drama to you since this is a great drama.. You will cry a lot during watching this because it is such a tragedy, full of sadness.. but don't worry because a little joke in this drama will also make you laugh..

In this beautiful drama, you also will see Qiu Ze with his long hair.. Still looks so handsome, though.. And Chen Qiao En looks very pretty in this one.. I prefer her looks in this drama than when she appeared in Easy Fortune Happy Life or Fated to Love You.. I bet you will love this drama.. Qiu Ze acted very well in this one and I cried a lot because of him..

By the way, here is the theme song that I promised.. Hope you like it.. :)

Track list :

1. Ai Qing Di Yi Ke - Xian Zi
2. Xin Ru Dao Ge - Jacky Cheung
3. Yi Han

Well, hope you'll like it and here I give you some scenes of this drama.. I'll talk to you soon, guys :D


Namaku Jatu said...

Yesica, do you happen to have the lyrics and translation for the OST Girl in Blue?
The opening and the ending song are on my most played list now, yet I would love to have translation too so I can understand the songs better.

Namaku Jatu said...

Do you happen have the lyrics and the translations? The opening and ending songs are in my most played list now, yet if I had the translation, I would understand the song better.

Yesica said...

oh sure.. I'll upload it soon.. mm, but I have trouble with my computer.. so give me 3 until 4 days to post it ^^

Anonymous said...

hixx, i become Roy's crazy fan since i've watched this drama, it s really touching, i cant keep back my tears everytime i watch it >"<. Thanks for sharing :))

Yusra Carrim said...

Hi, actualy i need a help... i really love the "mobile ringing tone of Roy" in the serial, but unfortunaly am not getting it anywhere on the net...can u help me plzzzz!!!

jose alfredo montaño vargas said...

alguien sabe la la musica electronica de fondo en el primer capitulo en una discoteca

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