Wang Jian Wang - Show Luo & Rainie Yang [Request Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Today I'm gonna post a new song by Show Luo and Rainie Yang, Wang Jian Wang.. This song was used for the theme song of an online drama series, Once More Heartbeat (Heartbeat Love).. This online drama was starring by Show Luo and Rainie Yang..

This is the synopsis of this drama :

Rainie Yang (Xiao Yu) plays a girl stuck in a hotel room through lies and accidents with a gay guy played by Show Luo. Or say it ain’t so? C’mon, there are no accidents in this world. Her mission is to find the significance of Tasmania Islands, and his mission is to correct her wrong impression of him. Will this be fate to hearts beating a different drum or to becoming one unison heartbeat in destiny? - source : Viki.com

I heard the first episode of this drama has achieved 3 million viewers.. So, I think this drama is gonna be great.. Actually I'm happy to see Show & Rainie can play in the same drama again..

By the way, I also got request to upload this drama's theme song.. But, I'm sorry that I only have one song.. :(

This song, Wang Jian Wang is very cute.. And I also love the MV.. Watch it here..

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To watch this movie online, you can watch it on Viki TV and to download this song, you can click the link below..

Here some pictures of Show and Rainie during filming Once More Heartbeat.. Hope you like it & I'll talk to you soon ;)


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