Finally I Get It + Give Away Announcement

Hi, everyone :)

Today finally I get the CD I always want, Roy Qiu's album, Qiu Ze.. It contains 1 CD and 1 VCD.. I'm very happy when I open the package.. It's awesome..

By the way, I forgot to take off my glasses when I take that picture.. I'm very ashamed to show you that glasses :p

And also, I have an announcement about a give away.. I have a plan to make a give away contest on Valentine day, but I really don't have any idea what should I give to you.. Actually I'm thinking of a pair of shoe that I liked.. I bought it 2 years ago although the size doesn't match me and thinking that someday I can wear it.. But after 2 years, my feet size doesn't change so I still can't use that shoe.. *how silly I am*

 So what do you think? Or maybe you prefer my DVD collection of movies or drama series?? I have ToGetHer (Rainie Yang and Jiro), Love Sick (Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin), Autumn's Concerto (Vanness Wu and Ady An), Sweet Relationship (Vic Zhou and Patty Hou), and many more.....

Or maybe my DVD collection of Hollywood movie? I have plenty of those..

So, which one do you like? Please write a comment below to help me decide which one I should give away.. If you wish for movie, drama series or music, please let me know what is it.. Or if you wish for something else, please also let me know by write it in the comment box below..

I will be waiting your answer until February 13th, 2012..

Take care & I'll talk to you soon :)


This contest is opened NOW

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Sherly said...

ah, it's a beautiful shoe.. i want it but what size is it? =P
i also want together and sweet relationship =)

Yesica said...

it's size 36/37..
thanks for your suggestion.. please wait for the announcement on feb 14th :)

Olive said...

ada albumnya jj lin kah? kalo ada boleh tuh buat giveaway hehe

w-ny said...

your album maybe, with your signature?? it'll be nice for us to have your album because i really adore your sweet voice :))

Yesica said...

thanks for your suggestion.. I'll think about it :)

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