Just The Way I Am - Genie Zhuo [DOWNLOAD ALBUM]

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If you are addicted to Office Girls like me, then you should know that Genie Zhuo has contributed many songs to be the theme songs of that drama series.. Such as Bu Yao Bu Yao that is used for the opening theme song and Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti as the insert song..

All of her song that is used for Office Girls' theme song has been released on November 4th, 2011 on her latest album, Just The Way I Am.. Here is the track list & download link..

Just The Way I Am

Artist : Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan
Release Date : November 4th, 2011
Label : Rock Records, Taiwan

Track List :

1. Fan Pai
2. Bu Yao Bu Yao
3. Zang Xi Xi
4. Xiang Fei De Zi You Luo Ti
5. Gou Le
6. Zhen
7. Wa Wa Jiao
8. De Fen
9. Kong Huang Zheng
10. Hua Shuo Xia Wa
11. Just The Way Collection


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hi!!! could u upload this again pls!!! love her voice!! thx

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