Ai Xiao De Yan Jing - Vivian Hsu

Hi guys.. :)

If you've already watched Love Waking Up, then you should be knew JJ Lin's song, Ai Xiao De Yan Jing.. I also enjoyed this song very very much during watching that drama.. But later I found out that this song has been released by Vivian Hsu at 2005.. *I know you wanna say that I'm really not up-to-date* :p

But whatever, I really like this song especially the one that is sung by Vivian Hsu.. I also like JJ's version, it's so good since he is the one that composed that song, but Vivian's version is more 'woman' so I like it more.. :)

So, I want to share this song with you.. Hope you also like it as much as I do..

To download JJ Lin's version of this song, try clicking here..

To get the pinyin lyric for this song, click here..

Until next time :D


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