Bu Yao Bu Yao - Genie Zhuo (Office Girls Main Theme Song) + Download Link *NEW UPDATE*

Hi everyone!! :)

It's in the middle of the night here and I still can't sleep.. So I decided to watch a Taiwan drama series, Office Girls, which is starring by my 'white-horse-prince', Roy Qiu and Alice Ke.. This drama is currently on-airing at TTV but so sad that it is not on-airing in my country.. Poor Indonesia :(

That's why I watch this drama on Mysoju.. I just watched the first episode and I can't stop laughing.. I think this drama is really great, the story is so funny and Qiu Ze looks so hot and cute in this drama.. But anyway, tonight I will introduce you to one new song from Genie Zhuo which is used to be the main theme song in this drama series.. The tittle is Bu Yao Bu Yao.. The first time I heard this I feel a little bit strange but later I found that this song is good and the music is fun and her voice is very cute here..

Here I give you the video from the opening of the drama.. You should watch it, I think this is so funny.. Enjoy!! :)

credit :

It takes a long time for me to get the mp3 version of this song since I've searched it on Mega Upload, Rapid Share, 4shared, and many more but still can't get it.. Then I explored YouTube and found the full song..*finally*

I've convert the video to mp3 but this is only the radio version so the quality is not that good.. But still if you want to have the song, you can click here~

I don't know if the link is still working because I only use a temporary link to convert video to mp3.. So I uploaded this song to 4shared..

Here is the download link.. (click here)

(If both links do not work you can post your comment below and I definitely will send the mp3 for you via email) :D

I'm sorry I only get the radio version but when I get the HQ ones, I'll share with you the download link ASAP.. :)

** UPDATE **

Hey, finally I got the HQ ones from the original album

If you want to download the full theme songs from this drama, you can get the link on my latest post


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