Rainie Yang - Wo Men Dou Sha (Ost. Drunken To Love You) MV

Hey guys..

Lately I am watching a Taiwan drama series, Drunken To Love You (Zui Hou Jue Ding Ai Shang Ni) which is starring by Rainie Yang, Joseph Zhang, Tiffany Xu, and King One Wang.. It's a funny yet romantic drama.. I recommend you to watch it..

Anyway, I just wanna introduce you to one of its soundtrack which is sang by Rainie Yang.. The tittle is Wo Men Dou Sha.. This song appear often in this drama and I found it is a good song.. The lyric is pretty good and lately I was just watching the music video for this song.. The MV is playing by Rainie herself and Joseph Zhang who also play for the drama.. The MV tells about a man that is falling in love with a woman, but both of them already have girlfriend and boyfriend.. Here is the MV.. Enjoy!! :)

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>> To watch her live performance sing this song, click here <<


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