20 Sui De Jie Xian (Other Version) - Roy Qiu

Hi, everyone!! :D

I bet you already knew that I like Qiu Ze very very much.. So when I'm bored or don't know what to do, I usually browse about him on the internet.. *blush*

In my previous post, I've told you about my top playlist.. (If you forgot or you want to know what's on my playlist, simply click here)
In that post, I've mentioned my fave song, 20 Sui De Jie Xian by Roy Qiu..

And lately, I've found a music video of that song on Sina.com..The interesting fact is Qiu Ze sang this song in other version from the one that I know.. Actually I prefer the previous version but I also like this version as well.. Qiu Ze looks so cool in this video and I really like his singing face.. His voice is so gentle yet strong.. :)

Since this video can't be downloaded, I just give you the link.. click here to watch the video
If you wish to compare with the previous version, download it here!!
Then, which one do you prefer?? ;)

By the way, I didn't have the mp3 of this version.. If any of you have the mp3, pleaseee, send me.. Appreciate it so much.. Thank you!! :)


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