Ai Qing Di Yi Ke - Xian Zi (The Girl In Blue Main Theme Song) [DOWNLOAD]

Hello there..

Today I wanna show you my favorite soundtrack that always been on top of my playlist.. This song is a soundtrack of my most favorite Mainland Drama Series which is starring by Chen Qiao En (from Taiwan), Roy Qiu Ze (from Taiwan), and Feng Shao Feng.. Roy looks so handsome and mature in this drama.. Really love him so much.. :)

The first time I hear this song, I was like "Oh My God, this song is so 'Chinese'.. What is it?? Oh no, why the soundtrack should be like this :( "

But then after I heard this song for a few times, I kinda like this very much.. The lyrics can really touch my heart and especially when I heard this while I was watching the series.. This song suits the drama so much.. Both the song and the story can really make my tears fall down.. ;(

By the way, actually I don't know the tittle of this song.. If anyone know the tittle of this song, please let me know.. I will appreciate it so much.. :)

(PS : Now, I know the tittle.. It's called Ai Qing Di Yi Ke by Xian Zi) :p

Anyway, here I give you the video of the opening theme.. Enjoy!!

credit :

And if you want to download the song, simply click here


To download full theme songs of this drama, follow this link below



Anonymous said...

una cancion muy pero muy hermosa

Yesica said...

estoy de acuerdo .. esta canciĆ³n es muy bonita :)

Lisi said...

donde puedo bajar este tema??es hermoso

Yesica said...

puede hacer clic en el enlace de descarga por encima o por probar esta url :

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