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Hey, guys.. Apologize *again* I haven't update anything since my last post.. I'm quite busy with my college and other stuff :(

But don't worry because today, I'll tell you a lot of things.. Not like my previous post, today I'll write about my favorite singer from all over the world and I'll tell you why I like them so much.. Here are my top 3 most favorite singer..

#1 Roy Qiu Ze
He is my favorite singer and actor *wink* ;)
I first saw him many years ago (I can't remember what year it was) when I watched Starry Starry Night, a Taiwan drama series which is played by Peter Ho, Tammy Chen, and of course, my beloved Roy Qiu :)
He sang the opening song for that drama... The title of the song is Ni Zhi Dao Wo Ai Ni... The lyrics is so touchy and he sang it really well.. He really can deliver the meaning of the song to me... (fyi, I cried at the first time I heard that song with an earphone..) *shy*
Oh My God, I really wish I could meet him... (~dreaming again.. LOL)
But actually my favorite drama series which is played by him is Easy Fortune Happy Life where his role as Han Dong Jie is really touch my heart.. It suits him very much.. Now, I still wait for the DVD of his newest drama series, Office Girls, since that drama series is not on-air in my country... *cry* ;(
by the way, am I talking about music or about drama??
whatever, I love them both.. :D

#2 Vic Zhou
Yes, he is the youngest member of F4.. The first time I saw him was when I watched Meteor Garden and I'm fallen for Hua Ze Lei.. He is so charming and I think I still love him after all these years.. And I think his voice is awesome.. I truly adore him, especially his smile.. I think his smile is the best smile I've ever seen..
I still remember when I first heard his voice in Liu Xing Yu, I love him so quickly.. And then once again when I heard Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo and now, after so many songs he has released, I can't stop but still love him so much.. :)

#3 Wang Lee Hom
Yes, he is my number three most favorite singer.. :D
I just like him at the first time I saw him on the internet.. I remember I was browsing about a Taiwan drama series that I had watched, called Peach Girl... When I watched that drama, I love to hear its opening song... The song is really beautiful and has a deep meaning and the voice of the singer really makes my heart feel so warm.. Then, I found out that the title of the song is Ai De Jiu Shi Ni and the singer is this super handsome man :D
From that moment, I always love his songs, movies, everything... But the main reason why I love him very much is because he is really super talented man... Not only he can sing and compose his own song, he also can play many instruments and speak many languages... How can I possibly not falling in love with this kind of man?? ;)

Okay, now I've told you about my top three most favorite singer from all over the world.. Later, I'll tell you more about them and update you a lot about music.. Now, I'd like to know who are your top three most favorite singer?? Pleaseeee, just let me know... :)

Until next time.. ^o^


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