Angel - Cai Mei Yi (Ost. P.S. I Love You)

Hello, there.. :)

Today, I'm gonna show you a fan made MV from my favorite movie, P.S. I Love You (Tian Shi, Wo Ai Ni), which is starring by Roy Qiu and Tammy Chen.. Although this movie is so long long ago, I still love this movie very much.. The story is so touchy and I like Roy in this movie.. His face is very much like an angel.. I wish he can be my guardian angel.. :)

When I watched this movie, I was interested in the theme song of this movie.. I have been looking for this song for such a long time but I still couldn't get it, so I decided to convert the music from the movie to mp3.. If any of you wish to get the song, you can contact me anytime, and I definitely will send you the mp3 via email.. But anyway, here is the MV and a little trailer of this movie.. Enjoy!!

credit :

By the way, the song in the end of that MV is I Believe, which is also the soundtrack for the movie.. If you wish to, I also can send you the mp3 version of that song.. Feel free to tell me and enjoy the music.. ;)


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