Wang Lee Hom - Huo Li Quan Kai *NEW*

Hi, everyone..

It's been so long since Leehom's latest album, The 18 Martial Arts.. Now, it's a good news for Leehom's lovers (include me :p) because Leehom has released a new single called Huo Li Quan Kai (Open Fire)..

He is really impressed me with his ability to create a new thing in his every songs. For Huo Li Quan Kai itself, I think it's great, contains R&B and of course Chinese culture.. Fyi, the lyrics of this song is half Chinese half English but the meaning is great.. Actually this music video has been uploaded in YouTube since September 16th 2011 but has just uploaded it today, so I decided to take the MV from that channel since it's the official one.. Here's the MV, enjoy & don't forget to subscribe on that YouTube channel to show your support to Leehom..  :)

  PS : since the video from leehomwangVEVO can't be uploaded here so I just use the one from officialwangleehom.. Don't forget to subscribe to that channel as well.. :)

And here is also a video from Leehom's Weibo which is re-uploaded by a YouTube user. This video is about Leehom talk about the meaning of Huo Li Quan Kai.. Here it is..!!

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he is such an inspiration<3

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