What's On My Playlist??

Hello there!! How's your day? I hope you have a great day.. :)

As you know, I'm a music addict.. I can't stand a day without music.. I always bring my cell phone and an earphone everywhere, so I can listen to my favorite songs whenever and wherever I want.. Even when I ran out battery, I usually sing my favorite songs myself (yes, I know sometimes it's embarrassing if I do it in public :p ).. I downloaded many songs to my phone and I usually shuffle and play all that songs, but I have a top playlist.. It contains my 'have-to-listen' songs.. :D

If you want to know what songs are always on top of my playlist, then here I tell you.. I have 30 songs that always on my playlist.. Many of them has been in my playlist for such a long long time.. Here they are :

1. 20 Sui De Jie Xian - Roy Qiu
2. Ai Zai Na Li - Wang Lee Hom
3. Common Denominator - Justin Bieber
4. Firework - Katy Perry
5. Fuckin' Perfect - Pink
6. Angel - Cai Mei Yi
7. Heartbeat - Wang Lee Hom
8. I Believe My Heart - Duncan James feat. Keedie
9. If You and I - Juris Fernandez
10. Someday - Marisa Sukosol Nunphakdi
11. Mo Mo - Fahrenheit
12. Ni Zhi Dao Wo Ai Ni - Roy Qiu
13. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
14. Remember - Roy Qiu
15. The Reason - Sabrina
16. Secrets - OneRepublic
17. Sweetest Surprise - Michael Learns To Rock
18. Ost. The Girl In Blue (Opening Song)
19. Everything - Wang Lee Hom
20. Forever Love - Wang Lee Hom
21. Yi Di Xiang Si De Lei - Roy Qiu
22. Ta Men Hen Mang Easy 4 U - Roy Qiu
23. Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi - Wang Lee Hom
24. Tian Ya Hai Jiao - Wang Lee Hom
25. Wei Bu Zu Dao - Roy Qiu
26. Wo Men De Ge - Wang Lee Hom
27. Qiu Tian De Di Tu - Roy Qiu
28. Xu Yao Ren Pei - Wang Lee Hom
29. Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi - Wang Lee Hom
30. Wo Bu Shi Ni De Wang Zi - Roy Qiu

That's all my playlist.. How about yours?? Feel free to share with me what song is always on your top playlist.. Until next time.. :)


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