Who Can Make Me Smile?? :)

Hi there!!

Today I really feel so bad.. So much assignment from my lecturer, too many bad things happen, and the worst thing is because I didn't have enough sleep last night (thanks to insomnia, I only slept for about 3 hours) so I really feel really tired.. :(
Fyi, I'm in the middle of doing my assignment but I really want to share with you about my today.. But although today is so hard for me, I still can smile for a reason.. And here is the reason why I can finally smile today..

credit :

I found this karaoke version of my favorite song on YouTube and then I sing this song and I feel as if I sing it together with him.. Then, magically, I feel so refreshed.. Thanks to Qiu Ze for being my inspiration.. I'll support you always.. Jia You!! :)


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