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Hey, everyone.. :)

What should we talk today?? Since I'm quite busy doing my final project for college and also writing stories to be uploaded in my 'story blog' (that is what I called my other blog since I don't know what to call it and you can check out that blog by click here) so I seldom have time to search for music updates.. but don't worry because I will update you with many interesting info about music soon.. I promise.. :)

So today, I think I wanna share with you, guys about my way of spending free time.. As you know, I really really love to listen music, singing, writing, watching movies, and something like that.. But as a girl, I actually have many more things that I like to do, such as cooking, styling hair, and also I'm interested in make up and fashion as well..

When I need inspiration to do my favorite things, I usually get it by browsing on YouTube.. I really love YouTube very much and I'd be glad if it can inspired you in everything too.. So I decided to share my favorite channels in YouTube and why they are so good.. Here it is..

# Music
 Actually I don't have a special channel to get info about music.. Usually I just browse it as usual.. But if you look for an official music video, I recommend you to visit VEVO.. Type the artist name followed by "VEVO".. For example, I usually like to visit , , or ..
PS : Not all artists have their VEVO channel..

# Cooking
For cooking video, I have 2 favorite channels..
I like this channel very much because Taro (the owner of the channel) is really funny.. He makes really delicious foods with simple ingredients and simple techniques so that I can try to make that at home.. Not only that, at the end of his video, he always eats the food he just made and every time I see him eating, I always feel so hungry..
He also can take order from you.. Feel free to order food from him.. Actually, I had just ordered food to him and I wish he will take my order and make a delicious food for me..
I also like this cooking channel.. As the name, the host of this cooking video is a dog named Francis.. Although I haven't cooked anything based on this video (since it's too difficult for me) but I like to watch the lady cooks.. She cooks very professional and all of her foods really look so delicious..

# Make Up & Beauty
For make up and beauty stuff, I also have 2 favorite channels.. Here they are..
I really like her very much since she is so inspiring and have a really good make up skills.. She was just an ordinary Vietnamese girl before but as her achievement in YouTube, now she becomes the spokesperson for Lancome, a really big make up brand.. I have watched her video since three and half years ago and still I love her..
I also like her channel very much.. It is full of beauty tips, make up & hair tutorial, and also girls talk & stuff.. Her real name is Lindy Tsang.. Yes, she is Chinese but don't worry because her channel use English as the main language.. :p
What I love about her most is her hair tutorial.. It really is inspired me a lot..

Try visit channel.. She is really talented in mixing and matching outfit and do some tricks to always looks chic.. Actually her channel is quite new and I know this channel because of Michelle Phan's recommendation but I must admit that Chriselle is so fashionable..

You should try to visit smosh channel..  They are really awesome.. And also, they upload video every weeks.. You should check it out and you will laugh out loud.. ;)

So, that all my favorite channel on YouTube and because of them I love YouTube very much..
Until next time & keep rockin' & poppin', guys.. :P


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