Hao De Shi Qing - Yan Jue (Drunken To Love You Ending Theme) + Download Link

Hi, guys..!!

I had already finished watching Drunken To Love You (Zui Hou Jue Ding Ai Shang Ni) and I think this series is really awesome.. This is not the best drama that I watched but I quite recommend this to you since the story is really good and I like both of the main role, Rainie Yang and Joseph Zhang..

Out of those, there is one thing that I like about this drama.. That is because the theme songs is really good.. Especially the song that I already shared with you before, Wo Men Dou Sha by Rainie Yang and here is one more, that is the ending theme, Hao De Shi Qing by Yan Jue..

Here I give you the music video for this song..
credit :

To get the mp3 for this song, simply click here..
To get the lyric of this song, click here..

Enjoy!! :)


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