That Girl - Angela Zhang (New Single)

Hi everyone :)

I'm so happy now, because my favorite singer, Angela Zhang released her new single (after 3 years).. The single called That Girl.. I listened to this song many times before deciding to write this article.. Actually, I don't know what to say to describe this song.. I just feel amazed..

Seriously, I really think that Angela is a very talented singer.. She always brings a very different atmosphere in her every work.. Such as this song, it has a R&B touch but still so girly.. And the MV too, I totally love it.. She dance really well & she really prepared so much for this come back.. If you don't believe me, watch it yourself here..

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I was right, isn't it? I really can't talk much but feel so amazed with this one.. :D

I really recommend you to support Angela by buying her original CD at your local music store or buy it online..

Hope you enjoy & see you soon ;)


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