Hi everyone :)

I'm sorry for disappearing for a VERY long time.. Actually I'm having a problem with my computer.. It has a Windows trouble (or something like that), so I'm sorry for delayed requests >.<

Well, the technician said maybe it is going to be ready in 3-4 days from today.. But since I have too many pending requests, please give me more time to upload all your requests.. These days I will use my sister's notebook to browse your requests but it's going to take time, so please, I appreciate your patience..

Once again, I'm really really sorry :(

PS : please pray for me so that my data will not be gone.. I really wish the technician can save my data or it will take more time to do my pending tasks >.<


ryan said...

oh.. i hope nothing will happen to your files ^^

Yesica said...

thanks for your support ^^
i hope so too.. but the technician still hasn't given me any news :(

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