Ye - Zeng Jing Wen [Request Download Link]

Hi everyone :)

Sorry for taking so much time to upload all your requests.. Well, I'm using my sister's notebook now, so I can't borrow it for a long time.. Just a quick hello here because I really miss you a lot and want to catch up with you, guys..

But since I am here, I will also upload a request.. (For all whose requests haven't been uploaded yet, please be patient.. I will upload it soon, I promise)

Well, this is a download link of Ye by Zeng Jing Wen.. This is a theme song of Taiwan drama, Hayate the Combat Butler.. I remember I have posted the lyric and the translation here, but I think I forgot to post the download link.. That's my bad >.<

So, here it is.. Hope you like it..!!

Well, it's time for me to return this notebook to my sister.. I'll talk to you soon ;)


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