Singing?? Who's scare??

Who doesn't like singing? Everybody loves singing....
However your voice's quality is, you can sing everywhere, everytime, and in every condition..
I just found in many website that many people in every country love to sing.. They sing in every way and try to make a work of art..
They post their work at many website; and the most popular one is youtube.. Who doesn't know youtube?? That's why they post it on youtube so that many people can response to their work..
Here is one of them.. Her name is Jennifer Rafferty. Her singing style is accoustic and here is one of her song; Because of You which originally sung by Kelly Clarkson..

Then, how's your opinion about her?? I think she's really amazing.. You can check out her other video by visit http://www.youtube.com/user/jenny0285


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